Desert View Middle & High School Results

By leveraging technology, DVMHS has created a proof point that a blended learning school can produce outstanding achievement. Desert View Middle & High School has achieved an average 92% proficiency and 40% advanced performance on Arizona’s math and reading assessments.

DVMHS has demonstrated a positive academic performance record, including:

  • Out-performing all county schools for four straight years on the Arizona Instrument for Measuring Standards (AIMS) test.
  • Continuing to be a state leader in student growth (#1 for two consecutive years).
  • Earning a rating of 10 of 10 by parents and

Desert View Middle & High School student academic growth, the measure of how much a student grows within a year’s time, has been exceptional.  The following chart depicts the math growth rates of DVMHS (first in growth performance) as compared to other Arizona Schools (representative cross section provided to show variation).

results.png (559x336)